Communities Throughout Rhode Island

Advocating & Collaborating

We currently serve families across three urban core cities: Providence, Central Falls and Pawtucket.

We are working incredibly hard to expand our organizing efforts and leverage our existing knowledge to demand a voice in the educational decision-making process at every level to other communities across Rhode Island.


"Every child, in school, every day, on time."

Providence Public Schools are an integral part of the fabric of the city and drive education forward by prioritizing world-class talent, excellence in learning and engaged communities. Home to a diverse population numbering more than 22,000 students, Providence Public Schools is the biggest school district in Rhode Island serving more than 7,000 English learners and multilingual students who speak more than 100 languages.

Central Falls

Equity - Empowerment - Excellence

The Central Falls School District, home to 2,780 students, is engaging in a multi-year proactive and collaborative redesign effort that will lead to a systemic shift towards a culture of learning that focuses on relationships and personal/professional growth.  Students and educators will cultivate purposeful relationships and build capacity to challenge the status quo and reverse historical patterns of inequities.



Pawtucket Public Schools, and supporting programs like RI Summer Meals and Pawtucket Backpackers, are the heart of the school department. Serving approximately 8,450 students — including 1,403 multilingual language learners from 42 Countries speaking 26 languages — Pawtucket Public Schools provide a safe place for students to learn and explore as they develop into educated and responsible young men & women.